Referred to as Sask. WTF, Grand Master Kee S. Ha and Grand Master Sung Ju Kim founded this non profit corporation in 1981. The mandate was to provide the benefits of the World Taekwondo Federation (WTF) to the people of Saskatchewan.

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Coaching Level:  Interested + Local Participation
Interested + RED Belt + assistant instructor
MultiSport - Intro to Competition Part A
MultiSport - Intro to Competition Part B
Level 3 - Theory
Taekwondo Instructor + Black Belt
NCCP / LTAD Taekwondo LEVEL 1 - Assistant
NCCP / LTAD Taekwondo LEVEL 2 - Dojang Coach
NCCP / LTAD Taekwondo LEVEL 3 - Performance
Referee Level: 

P3 - Provincial Beginner
P2 - Provincial Intermediate
P1 - Provincial Referee
National Sparring
N3 - National Level 3
N2 - National Level 2
N1 - National Level 1
IR - International Referee
Poomse Seminar
Poomse Judge National
Poomse Judge Seminar - PATU
Poomse Judge Seminar - WTF

Competing Athlete:  Poomse

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if you wish to E-TRANSFER the $25 payment to the Sask WTF.
Please send payment confirmation to:  and 306-621-9696.  With member name and phone number

If people wish to pay electronically they will be advised that there is a small surcharge. This covers processing fees of 2.9% + $.30 for PayPal plus $1 to designer (to cover server expenses).

Upon receipt of the payment, a receipt will be sent to you from Sask WTF to confirm your membership.  You may wish to forward your receipt to your instructor as proof of membership prior to any competitions. Please do not ALSO register with your club, this would create a DUPLICATE. The duplication payment will be considered a donation to Sask WTF, not refunded. Membership deadline is Dec 30,2017.



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